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Finally, a moment to rest!

16 hours of travelling by coach and the weekend spent packing parachutes, i could’nt be more exhausted!

7am on friday morning i set out to head my way to London and then from London to Portsmouth. The journey did’nt end there. I had another hour and half journey as i made my way to the drop zone (Netheravon). So, finially i reached my destination at 8:15 pm. There was obviously time for drinking sessions befeore i began my gruelling packing course.

Packing parachutes sounds easy as counting 1,2, 3 but unfortunately squeezing a canopy the size of my bed is’nt as simple as it looks. I literally was on all 4’s the whole weekend. Even though i only packed 6, i had fun doing it!

Besides my ‘war wounds’, i had a brilliant weekend away.  Having such a good laugh with my friends at my old uni was definately the icing on the cake! My weekend could not have been any better (thanks guys).

And even though i did not return back till 3am this morning, i still went to my lectures! Well done to me!

I’ve just returned from a long day at uni and now, to make most of this quiet evening, im off to bed……


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