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Monthly Archives: March 2008

I know, i haven’t written on here for a while. My only excuse is that its been hectic! Even more hectic than last semester. Nevermind, im here now, writing away.

Truthfully, one of the reasons my blog has been lacking in entries is due to lack of thoughts on what to write.  People knowing what happens in my life is something im not a fan of, so to make things easier, im changing the contents of my blog to thoughts that are random. Obviously, things related to PR.

Im still trying to reach my goals because im fulfilling my goal to keep the blog up to date!

 At this very moment, me and my arguementative brother are having a debate about whether the reality programme ‘The hills’ is actually a reality programme.

Personally, i think it is. Otherwise why would they call it a reality show? My clearly disagrees.

What do you reckon?