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Wow, 3 months into the 2nd year and its been mad!

Maybe its because im a constant worrier and feel like there is always something to do but this year has been non-stop. Along with the portfolio pieces there are harder coursework pieces to do and more. The stress is on!

I had to go home for the weekend just gone because the stress was really getting to me.  Im back much more relaxed now and finally giving attention to my blog!

On another matter, I’m very sad and anagry to hear about what happend to baby p. How did the social services become so neglectful that they were ignorant to such torture?

I think its time for serious scrutiny on the social services department. In my experience, nobody decidea to take the first step to solving the problem until the problem is at its worst.  The governemt seriously need to revise its policys on this matter. Its disgusting!


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