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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Hi all!

Its been a hectic couple of weeks following up to Christmas but its been great! Strangely…

After the little downturn around in November things got better and I’ve learnt that its people not Public relations that try to get you down. I thought that If in 10 years time i was sitting at home with a job i was unhappy with because i let a couple of immature students prevent me from getting the career that i want, i would laugh and cry. I would laugh because every where you go there will always be people like that. I’ve just learnt from this situation to hold my head up high and do what ever it takes to succeed with dignity!

So PR is 110 % the career i want to get into.

Also, a litle note to add. Happy xmas and New year to all! Im heading off home tomorrow! 🙂 Cant wait!

x x x x x x x x