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Hey again!

I really am terrible at blogging! For someone who likes keep things to myself this is proving extremely difficult to remember and to commit to entering entries into my blog.

After my announcement of my dedication to PR I’ve let myself down with this. Maybe this reflects my dedication to PR? I’d like to think it doesn’t. I barely share things with my closest friends let alone the world! But its something i clearly have to work on if i am going to utilize blogging effectively.

Things have been stressful the last 6 months. Infact, since I’ve started university its been stressful. Not because of the copious amounts of work that this course entails but university lifestyle that I’ve become bored of (This should have been my final year). I’m frustrated and keen to move onto tho real working adult world! To me, the fact that I’ve persisted through the really low times and stayed in Leeds despite many thoughts to move and change shows my commitment and dedication PR.

At the moment its the end of March and deadlines are coming up! Ahhh. Anyhow, On a positive note and enough of the babbling, its only a month and half away till we finish for the year! 🙂 yayy.

From here till then i will try and post regularly. First step, putting a bookmark of my blog on my explorer so i can see it every time i go on. Lets see if that works!

Bye for now! x x


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