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At first i thought Facebook was just another website where i could be nosy and pass the time by in moments of extreme boredom. Now however, I’m starting to see the light. In the last couple of weeks relatives i have forgotten about have added me and I’ve been talking to them regularly since. I haven’t spoken to them since i was 12!

I think Facebook is a great communication tool. With features such as ‘comment’, ‘like’ and facebook chat. It really helps to make us feel closer and more involved with the other person.

I don’t know if I’m being overly emotional or sentimental but i feel a lot closer to my family now since I’ve interacted with them through facebook.

I also quite like the creation of twitter. Reading celebrities posts makes me realise that they’re just like us normal people. The media fabricate this image of celebrities that make them viewed as the elite and untouchable. So before when i thought of say Brad Pitt, i imagined him doing something really glamorous all the time when in reality he does normal stuff such as change stinky nappies and play with his children.

As silly as it sounds, i also like the idea of being connected to really important people lol. Obama requested to follow me the other day, that was an honour! lol.

Still, i wont be logging onto it every second of the day. There is work to be done! Portfolio’s, presentations, exams, ahhhhhhhhh!


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