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I know, i haven’t written on here for a while. My only excuse is that its been hectic! Even more hectic than last semester. Nevermind, im here now, writing away.

Truthfully, one of the reasons my blog has been lacking in entries is due to lack of thoughts on what to write.  People knowing what happens in my life is something im not a fan of, so to make things easier, im changing the contents of my blog to thoughts that are random. Obviously, things related to PR.

Im still trying to reach my goals because im fulfilling my goal to keep the blog up to date!

 At this very moment, me and my arguementative brother are having a debate about whether the reality programme ‘The hills’ is actually a reality programme.

Personally, i think it is. Otherwise why would they call it a reality show? My clearly disagrees.

What do you reckon?


Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year to those very few people who read my blog! 

Peace and Love

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year to those very few people who read my blog! 

Peace and Love

With such a hectic first semester, it certainly has been difficult trying to keep my blog up to date.

Last time i wrote i announced how wonderful it felt to have achieved one of my goals, a letter published. 

Adding to that, i discovered when i returned to my lovely home of Milton keynes that i had another letter published that week in the Daily Express. Go me!

So, now, just after Christmas and the New year to come,  one of my resolutions is to keep my blog up to date!

I would report on the fantastic Christmas day i had, if it was true! But unfortunately, these days, im humbug and can’t wait till all the fuss is over.

Im sorry…..

However, i am looking forward to the New Year! Fresh start, new opportunities, the unknown. Who doesn’t like New Year!

So, a happy New year to you all! x

Finally got my pletter published in the Daily Express Yesterday!

It was such a buz to see my name finally printed in the letters page. I’ve been writing for weeks almost every day!

 Another piece of my portfolio done! Not only that but i have got my short term placement arranged too 🙂

I saw my article on the front page of the Leeds Met today. Not bad for a first piece.

Hopefully more to come!

Costumes ready, alchohol consumed ( lots of it), the night was set to be a fantastic night.

All 11 of us scramble into the lift. 6,5,4,3,2,1 STUCK.  An hour and a half stuck in a tiny box with 10 other people.  Screaming and shouting was inevatible. One girl was epeliptic and was starting to feel the strain within a few minutes. Another was pretty anal at first but  towards the end she was on the floor hyperventilating,. The other, was going in and out of conciousness.

Finally, after calling the ambulance and fire brigade, as one of the girls managed to get a signal, we were set free.

It was intense!

Thankfully, id been stuck in a lift before so knew that panicking just doesnt help and doesnt get the door open anyfaster! But i am pretty caustraphobic myself.

The security was a complete w******, telling us to “shut the f**k up”. That is not how you talk to students?!? Especially those who are stuck in a lift!

There will be sure to be complaints made!

Feeling anti social and quite traumatised by the incident, i think a weekend of going home will do the trick.

As entertaining and amusing last night’s Fight Night was,  im not quite sure which to chose!

I got talking to one of the practioners who attended last night and he gave me a fairly persuasive arguement for in house.

Right now i have no idea! As i become more experienced and knowledgeable within PR i will make my decision.

Finally, a moment to rest!

16 hours of travelling by coach and the weekend spent packing parachutes, i could’nt be more exhausted!

7am on friday morning i set out to head my way to London and then from London to Portsmouth. The journey did’nt end there. I had another hour and half journey as i made my way to the drop zone (Netheravon). So, finially i reached my destination at 8:15 pm. There was obviously time for drinking sessions befeore i began my gruelling packing course.

Packing parachutes sounds easy as counting 1,2, 3 but unfortunately squeezing a canopy the size of my bed is’nt as simple as it looks. I literally was on all 4’s the whole weekend. Even though i only packed 6, i had fun doing it!

Besides my ‘war wounds’, i had a brilliant weekend away.  Having such a good laugh with my friends at my old uni was definately the icing on the cake! My weekend could not have been any better (thanks guys).

And even though i did not return back till 3am this morning, i still went to my lectures! Well done to me!

I’ve just returned from a long day at uni and now, to make most of this quiet evening, im off to bed……